Palazzina Grassi, Venice

Lifestyle boutique 5-star hotel in Venice

Palazzina Grassi is waiting for you in its spectacular Palazzo on the Grand Canal. Experience the City of the Doges like nowhere else in this extraordinary lifestyle boutique 5-star hotel in Venice center.

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Palazzina Grassi is the one and only hotel in Italy designed by Philippe Starck, and has revolutionised the whole concept of top-end hospitality and style, creating a gem of a location with alluring beauty and a sensual atmosphere.

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The luxurious atmosphere and the best DJs in the world have earned Palazzina Grassi the reputation as the ‘most glamorous’ place to party in Venice, and the favourite hide-out of the international jet set.

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When an innovative approach to cuisine offers a fresh, contemporary take on traditional, classic dishes, dining becomes an extraordinary Venetian experience.

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A luxury five-star hotel with a new-generation philosophy when it comes to hospitality, Palazzina Grassi’s atmosphere, style, lighting and materials all come together to make it a living, breathing entity, pulsating with life and beauty.

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